The Web Rebels conference is a JavaScript conference and we are proud members of the JSConf family of events. We are a conference for developers who love building applications and services using web technology.

For the community, not for profit

We are a registered not-for-profit organization that is run by unpaid volunteers. If we make any profit from the conference we give 30% back to community groups throughout the Nordic region. Any questions you might have: shoot us an email or find us on Twitter.

We invite 16 speakers. We have a CFP and our policy is that speakers at the conference get paid for their travel and accommodation. We do not sell speaker slots and we do not accept sales pitches masked as presentations.

Code of Conduct

We want these couple of days to be truly enjoyable for everyone. Attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers must all respect the JSConf Code of Conduct. If anything happens that we should know about, contact a member of the crew.

Rebel Crew

The volunteers working to bring you the 8th Web Rebels Conference are:

What happened to Web Rebels 2019?

Usually, after wrapping up the conference, we secure our venue for the following year straight away. This time however, we ran into an unexpected challenge: none of the dates available worked for us.

We went looking for alternatives but ultimately, nothing fit what we were looking for. When you run a conference, you always work within certain constraints, and this time, we couldn’t make it work.

As a consequence, there was no Web Rebels in 2019.

The good news is that we have the dates and the venue we want for 2020.

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